Don’t keep privacy at stake!

There are multiple applications and games that provide you with an option to sign up for a new account in their platform using your Facebook data by giving you an option in the Sign Up page. 

While it eases your process of logging in as a new user/customer, you might find it hard to unlink or delete your account that is linked with your Facebook. 

Many would like to opt out and unlink their account from Facebook citing various reasons. May be you are no longer interested in the application or game that you were using, or suddenly realize that Mark Zuckerberg is having your privacy at stake, or just confused as to how many applications you have sign up by linking Facebook without even noticing! 

Manage permissions, restrict and unlink Facebook through these simple steps: 

1. Click settings & privacy > settings from the dropdown menu 

2. Scroll down and click Apps and websites 

3. You can see the list of apps and websites that are linked to your Facebook 

4. You can manage preferences and remove the accounts easily 

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