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Laravel has been the preferred framework for building websites of late. It is because of the fully-loaded features and development tools, that makes the process of web application development hassle-free.

Are you looking to build a website or a web application?

Are you a developer in a dilemma to choose whether Laravel or any other platform?

Well… this blog article is written for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons to bank on this PHP framework for building websites and web applications:

1. Bug Busting

Fixing bugs and testing ain’t much of hassle while using Laravel. Be it small or big, It is capable of rectifying them through its unit testing feature. The unit testing feature is bundled out of the box for the developers to easily fix the bugs in the code.

2. Project size agnostic

It is suited the best irrespective of the size of the project. Huge projects can be handled with ease. Laravel Passport helps to connect with any front-end technologies such as React JS, Vue JS and even with mobile applications.

Eloquent ORM is a unique feature that helps to swiftly interact with the database without writing complex codes. As a matter of fact: Google trends states it is the most preferred framework by the corporate world.

3. Highly secure

It offers the best level of protection with stringent salting and hashing of the database to protect from any attacks. It prevents cross-site request forgery with its CSRF token feature. Laravel Middleware helps to filter HTTP requests entering the application, ensuring no external threats for the application.

4. Simple and Open source

It is quite a developer-friendly open source and simple – powerful framework to work on without much of hassle and complexity.

Developers can use artisan commands to quickly create resources such as Controllers, Models, Resources etc. Laravel Migration helps to dynamically modify the application’s database.

This feature is hugely helpful while using version control such as git, SVN etc to create database. There are multiple other features like Tinker, Facades, Localization etc and also simplifies Cron, SMTP, Web sockets and so on. To simply put, Laravel makes our job easier and efficient 🙂

5. Budget-friendly

Yes, since it is an open-source PHP framework, it doesn’t cost a bomb to develop a website. This PHP framework contains multiple predefined functionalities, and we would not require building codes right from the scratch. If you are planning to build or migrate your website, Laravel is a no-brainer.

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